After failing ‘Beginning Filmmaking’ in college and dropping out of school for a semester, Gregg Holtgrewe volunteered his time in the Art Department on set with director Drew Dowdle’s (‘Quarantine’, ‘Devil’) first feature film, ‘Full Moon Fever’. After working on the film for a week, Gregg went back to his hometown of Moorhead, Minnesota to finish film school at Moorhead State University. Holtgrewe’s first feature, ‘Dawning’, centering around a brother and sister who travel to visit their father and step-mother in a Northwoods cabin, only to be trapped by some unknown creature outside, was shot in 2004 for a mere $800 and opened to a sold-out audience of over 300 people.

Holtgrewe’s second feature, ‘(Yielding to) a Willing Breath’ was a micro-budget Indie drama shot entirely on location in Minneapolis, MN in 2005 for $3,500. ‘Yiedling’ proved to be an ambitious endeavor for Holtgrewe, involving over 12 speaking roles, more than 10 locations, and over 20 days of shooting, ultimately premiering at the 2006 Solstice Film Festival in Saint Paul, MN. In 2006, Holtgrewe made a short film titled ‘Unhinged’ which followed a feuding young couple who are suddenly and violently car-jacked and taken hostage. ‘Unhinged’ went on to receive rave reviews and play in multiple festivals, but more importantly the film formed a new partnership in order to re-make Holtgrewe’s first feature film ‘Dawning’, his most commercially oriented and biggest budget project to date.

The re-shoot of ‘Dawning’ in September 2007 marked the beginning of a four-year adventure filled with disappointments and incredible highs. To date, ‘Dawning’ has played at 13 festivals (and counting) and has won three awards, including ‘Best Picture’ at the 2009 Rhode Island International Horror Festival, as well as ‘Best Screenplay’ and the ‘Audience Award’ at the 2009 Solstice Film Festival.

  1. cameeela says:

    Gregg, just got done watching Dawning and I gotta know if you ever camped in at the Sturgeon River Gorge campground. It was there, at campsite #9 I believe, that I felt Evil (sans clicking noises) for the first time in my life. This film brought it all back, with chills. Thanks, I think.


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