Waiting All Day for the Green Face of the Hummingbird (if i was a lily)

“Waiting All Day for the Green Face of the Hummingbird” (2003):


“It’s more like Lost Highway than Twin Peaks. But it’s heterosexual.”

A self-absorbed young man, Geoffery Sherman, is obsessed with solitude and the control it gives him. Following the news of his mother’s death, an antagonistic paperboy challenges Geoffery to face his fear of the outside world. His security is disrupted and Geoffery’s relationship with his wife spins out of control. After losing command over his wife, Geoffery finds sanctuary in a passive mistress. Taking an aggressively dynamic turn, the women in his world become impossible to placate and Geoffery’s world spirals into a darkly comedic scenario of internal conflict.

City Pages Review:

“Twin Cities-based director Gregg Holtgrewe takes a Hal Hartley-style approach to the proceedings (note the clipped dialogue that the characters themselves don’t realize is funny), and never imposes himself on Geoff, aptly avoiding a cramped feel to his tiny flat. (After all, why would Geoff feel claustrophobic there? It’s the only place he wants to be.) The script smartly withholds an explanation of how the guy ended up in such a state, making him less of a case study than an eerie freak of nature.” (Joseph Golden)

For the full review go here


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