Brendan Reynolds began his career as an independent film producer in 2003, and has consistently developed, produced and collaborated on a number of feature film projects since that time. Following his life long devotion to the cinematic medium, Brendan teamed with Minneapolis, MN based writer/director Gregg Holtgrewe in 2006 to develop and produce the festival award-winning Indie Thriller DAWNING. In May 2010, Brendan completed his Master of Arts degree in Media Arts Management from Columbia College Chicago, initiating an even deeper-rooted personal investment in the pursuit of his long-term career objectives in Film. Brendan currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, where he continues to pursue his professional mission of bringing revelatory cinematic content to life.

  1. DEB WEBER says:

    Hi Brendan.

    Stewart’s mom here. Hope all is well and it sounds like you are doing fine. How can I see Dawning? Congratulations. Keep us posted on upcoming projects. We are interested and excited for you.

    Gary and I are on our way to MX to see Stewart in his Clinic on Wed.

    Best of Wishes, hope all is well and Merry Christmas!
    Deb & Gary

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